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Online/Onsite Live Session of

Video Mixing & Editing Training



non linear video editing software

best for wedding video editing & mixing.

This is a journey of Beginners to Advanced level in wedding video editing

In this 7 day training session, you will learn about video editing software called EDIUS, for wedding video editing & mixing. After this sessions you will able to create a perfect wedding video.

What we can help you achieve

You can start own Video Mixing Lab | Photography/Videography Business | Video Editing startups

Cinematic Editing
  • Color Grading Concept
  • Slow Motion  & Fast Speed Duration
  • Time Remapping
  • Cut to Cut Editing
  • Clip Selections
Mixing with 3D Traditional FX
  • How to use 3d fx in the wedding video
  • Mix with Traditional Projects (Sagai, Haldi, Mehndi, Tilak, Varmala, etc)
  • Drag & Drop 2D/3D FX
  • Change the clips in the effects
  • Movement & animation of effects
Title & Casting
  • Creation on Titles
  • How to use templates of titles
  • Save the date invitations
  • Rolling & Crawling Titles
  • Branding Titles
Editing with Projects
  • Portrait Couple Songs Video
  • Creation Teaser/Trailer Video
  • Highlight Creation
  • Pre Wedding Editing
  • Mobile Size REEL/Shorts Video
  • Studio Logo Presentation
  • & Other Projects
Quality Over Quantity

We makes editing of vidoes easier than ever before.

Animation & Keyframing

Creating the animation of the clips using different types of keyframes


Drop shadow & border (in side, out side & both) for the clips.

Timeline Concept

Understand the all about the timeline of EDIUS.


How to add clips into the EDIUS software for the editing

Video Filters

How to use video filter to enhance your video


How to use the 2D/3D & seamless transitions transition in the video.

Color Grading

Brightness & Contrasts, LUTs, these things makes your video more crunchy.

Blending Options

Blend your clips with another video graphics


The feature enables users to remove a specific color from an video.

Luminance Key

This features helps to remove black color from video easily

Track Matte

It allows you to use a clip to dictate the transparency of the layer beneath

Effects Panel

We have to learn all important effects in EDIUS, which is usefull for video editing

New Project

Creation of new project with perfect project setting

Import project as sequence

Import saved project as a sequence in current project

Save project

How to save the project for using next time.


Cropping of the videos from all sides, using the layouter tool


Remove the waste part of the video by trim it

Shortcut Keys

All usefull shortkeys of EDIUS

Tips & Tricks

Some of hidden tips & tricks of EDIUS

& Much More

All other editing related topics covered.

The outcome of your hard working training

See what magic can you do with your video, after doing this training session

Enough Talk, Let's Learn Something Together

You have the book your seats by paying Rs.2000/- , this amount will be discounted when you purchase our projects pack PHOENIX PRO or PHOENIX PRO + EDIUS X.

2000/- का भुगतान करके आप अपनी सीट बुक कर सकते हैं, यह राशि तब discount दी जाएगी जब आप हमारे प्रोजेक्ट पैक PHOENIX PRO या PHOENIX PRO + EDIUS X को खरीदेंगे।

How it is FREE? 

How it is FREE? 

How it is FREE? 

How it is FREE? 

How it is FREE? 

How it is FREE? 

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