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EDIUS X best-tested video editor: “the new No. 1”

By May 31, 2021EDIUS

King of NLE

Finally Grass Valley releases a new version of their NLE coming on strong.
This now includes “Background-Rendering” and motion tracking.

For around three years Grass Valley supported version 9 of their popular editing software Edius with free updates continuously enhancing the feature set. Now the all-new version 10 – called Edius X Pro – is released featuring an uncommon yet remarkably interesting innovation. The developers introduce “Background Rendering” performing processing tasks as background jobs. This function is not new among editing solutions but has become less popular. Some years ago, several programs offered background rendering options. Corel is still offering this with Pinnacle Studio 24. And such a background process can be beneficial as the editor F may continue working while certain processes can be simultaneously performed by the system. But this implies the danger of overloading the whole system eventually slowing down the editing workflow. We have been anxious to test how Edius X delivers on those new features and have checked what other functions are new.


Thanks to the “ Setup Manager” installing the program is very comfortable. One simply chooses the desired components – among those are Prodad VitaScene V4, the NewBlue Titler 7 Pro Edius Edition and four customized Acon Audio Filters – and after a short check for updates the easy installation routine starts. The handling of Edius X Pro is quite like its predecessor. Grass Valley has changed only little here but modernized the design of buttons and symbols as well as the color scheme of the GUI. All this leads to a fresh and “up to date” look. As before Edius comes with the Media Manager Mync (formerly GV Browser) for an easy retrieval and sorting of source material. The tool is like the Adobe Bridge allowing direct access to one’s own footage of different sources. The handling is excellent, the search functions are powerful, and the management is easy. You may INPUT During recent years Grass Valley Edius has more and more become one of the most popular NLEs among enthusiasts and professionals. As a “Buy once and use forever” license instead of subscription this is more than just an alternative, and not only for former Adobe users. The new version 10 now comes with motion tracking and features for an even faster workflow. Author: Philipp Mohaupt, Pictures: Grass Valley, Philipp Mohaupt BEING TESTED • Grass Valley Edius X Pro, 574 € EDITINGSOFTWARE FOR PROS Grass Valley Edius X Pro 1/2021 [ 61 J rate clips, tag, and name them to your heart‘s content. This is also true for the layout of the GUI: All program palettes for the preview window, media browser and timeline are present as before – here Grass Valley did not do any changes. Anybody used to Edius will have no problem working with the program at all. Users that are new to Edius or switching from another NLE will need to get to know Edius at first. As Edius addresses serious professional users the handling is demanding at first and requires a lot of self-initiative. Mync allows to set up easy story boards by using trim functions. Those can directly be imported by Edius X Pro via the source browser. Important: The story board settings need to match the chosen project setting of Edius X Pro – like UHD video with 25p. Otherwise Edius X Pro does not import the story board onto the time line and shows a message informing about the mismatch. The effect pool has also been slightly updated and now features new miniature preview icons. This mostly looks very cool while some icons could use some more graphic refinement for an up-to-date design. But nevertheless, a lot has changed since previous versions.

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