EDIUS X version 10.10.7266 released

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This small update to EDIUS X version 10.10.7266 fixes a couple of bugs. Details regarding this update can be found in the EDIUS X version 10.10.7266 release notes.

Download EDIUS X version 10.10.7266

Update History

The following issues are fixed or improved in this version:


  • Some processes unexpectedly work inside EDIUS


*No fix provided in this version

Known issues

This build has these known issues:


  • File export fails if it tries to overwrite a file that is being used by EDIUS
  • Frame number of source timecode is always shown as even number in 50p/60p clips
  • There is a security software that detect EDIUS.exe as a malware
  • Encoding in Dolby Digital Professional/Plus changes the volume of audio
  • Clip render fails if the audio bit depth of the project is set to 32 bit
  • The frame of Out point is included illegally when you copy the timeline between In and Out
    points by using [Copy (Between In/Out) – All Tracks] or [Copy (Between In/Out) – Selected


*No known issue

Edius Pro X/9 & After Effects Wedding Projects Dongle

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Creativity Of Projects:

RED Max: Edius Pro 7/8/9/X – 1000+ Projects collection with added creative graphics, effects, visual fx & beats matching. You can easily make your Portrait Song, Titles, Invitation, Highlights, Pre Wedding & Other video clips within a few minutes using our RED Max Dongle Projects.

Tutorials To Help

We already include the tutorial video in the data, you can watch & get trained with these videos. If you need any help & support then call us or request support.

Color Correction

Advanced Color Correction Readymade 300+ Presets Just Drag n Drop in your video & get your video Filmy/Music/TV/Tint/Extreme/Stylish look

Service, Updates & Support

We always provide correct information to our customer. We always provide 100% satisfactions to our customer. We give 1 Year Dongle replacement warranty (only software issue). We provide Free Service Support With RED Max. We provide Free Updates, You can receive updates via our server.

Projects in Many Languages

In RED Max Dongle For EDIUS Pro 7/8/9/10 Projects available in many Indian regional languages- Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, Bhojpuri, Gujarati, Oriya, Tamil, Telugu & Kannada.

3D Animation

Traditional Wedding Effects- 3D Ready Made Effects Just Drag & Drop in the timeline – Pattern Wise Song (Vidhi/Body) Project.

Enter Into A World Of Video Mixing

The RED Max : Premium EDIUS X Pro | EDIUS 9 | Edius 8 | Edius 7 & After Effects CC Projects & Effects


  • RED Max is based on Edius Pro 7/8/9/X 10.
  • 100+ Portrait Song Projects
  • 130+ Wedding Title Projects
  • 20+ Wedding Invitation Projects
  • 50+ Wedding Highlights/Teaser Projects
  • 500+ Online Vidhi (Body) Projects
  • 10+ Pre Wedding Projects

3D RED Max

  • Using these projects, you feel like pro.
  • 150+ Studio/Company Logo Projects
  • 120+ Wedding, Cinematic, Party Title Projects
  • 30+ Wedding Invitation Projects
  • Birthday Projects

Cinematic Effects For Your Cinematic Wedding in RED Max

  • Beats Highlights, Teaser & Pre Weddings
  • Colour Grading (LUTs) Presets
  • Bokeh, Lens Flares, Motion VFX
  • Rays, Ink Mattes, Flourish, Smokes
  • Falling Roses, Multiply & Track Mattes Effects
  • Overlay Effects, Selective Colors & Many More Effects

Ready To Use Effects

  • Indian Wedding 3D Effects For Video Mixing
  • Ready To Use Vidhi FX For (Engagement, Haldi, Mandap, Fere, Barat, Bhojan etc.)
  • AutoFit Timeline 3D Animated Traditional Wedding Effects
  • 3D PIP Effects, Zooming Effects
  • Sliding Effects On Drag & Drop
  • Mirror Reflection Effects
  • Composition Effects
  • Alpha FX
  • 2D Framed Effects For Wedding
  • Party Song, Romantic Song Overlay Effects
  • Transition FX
  • Heart (Dil), Diamond, Fire, Square, Cloud, Shield & Many Many Mask Readymade Presets
  • Many Others Cinematic Video Filter Looks For Giving your video a beautiful look.
  • Advanced Color Correction Readymade Presets
  • Filmy/Music/TV/Tint/Extreme/Stylized Type Effects


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EDIUS X marks the start into a new era of nonlinear editing. EDIUS X comes with a completely redesigned core engine along with a modular concept allowing even more performance for fully customizable workflows.

For about two decades EDIUS is well known for its stability, benchmark setting performance, and creative tools. EDIUS is being used across the industry from broadcast facilities and news agencies up to government institutions, corporate productions, independent film makers, video creators and video enthusiasts.

The new modular design enables Grass Valley to continuously update and enhance the EDIUS X feature set and workflow options. This will allow us to meet upcoming customer demands and to incorporate new technologies and web services such as machine learning during the ongoing development.EDIUS X Data sheet

New Features

  • Background Rendering
    EDIUS X will never ask you to interrupt your editing for a process to finish. This will make your workflow smooth, creative and virtually unstoppable.
  • Background Export
    The new background render engine is also great for exporting files. You will never have to pause your work.
  • GV Job Monitor
    EDIUS X keeps you informed about all background activities and lets you prioritize jobs as needed.

  • Layouter Motion Tracking with Chase Mode
    EDIUS X allows you to easily attach a label, animation or video clip to your tracked object.
  • Layouter Motion Tracking with Anchor Mode
    Have your picture automatically reframed with reference to the tracked object. This is great for aspect ratio conversions and virtual multicamera shots.

Layouter Motion Tracking [ Introduction video ]

  • VST Plug-in Support
    EDIUS X broadens the support for VST plug-ins, including support for latency compensation along with a powerful WaveShell integration. 
  • H.265 Export
    EDIUS X speeds up the export rendering time by leveraging NVIDIA GPU support. This is also available with the new background rendering options.
  • Draft Preview
    Reducing image resolution or bit depth for preview improves the performance of real-time playback. Although the preview image quality becomes lower, it reduces the load on PC and you can edit data comfortably. Make use of this feature when you apply heavy-load effects such as [Mask] and [Layouter], or when you play the timeline where high-resolution clips such as 4K are placed.
  • GUI Color
    EDIUS X comes with a refined GUI in a darker colour. This makes editing even more comfortable, has a cool look and relieves eye strain.
  • Optimized Performance
    EDIUS X is all about performance and a future-proof design. EDIUS X requires Windows 10 and makes optimal use of advanced technology. This includes hardware acceleration provided by Intel QuickSync as well as broad GPU support. The new modular design allows utilizing the potential of multicore CPUs more efficiently than ever before.
  • Optimized Audio Sync Performance
    EDIUS X provides an even faster automatic audio sync function, auto-aligning as many clips as your projects require for a smooth Multicam editing experience.

EDIUS X Bonus Contents

Powerful new filter plug-ins are bundled with EDIUS X to enhance the effect capabilities.

Acon Digital EDIUS Editions
Acon Digital develops cutting-edge audio editing software and processing tools. The wide range of products covers audio editing, restoration, mastering and effects processing — all conceived with ultimate audio quality and usability in mind. The Acon Digital EDIUS Editions filters bundled in EDIUS X provide capabilities to enhance speech audio quality by removing background noise (DeNoise), reducing reverberation (DeVerberate), preventing audio from clipping (Limit) and compressing audio or applying a noise gate (Compress). The filters all come with multiple presets to simplify the workflow.Acon Digital EDIUS Editions [ Introduction video ]

ProDAD Vitascene V4 EDIUS Edition (EE)
Vitascene V4 EDIUS Edition offers more than 300 transitions and video filters, with new Smooth Transitions and glow effects. Users can also create individual effects as well or change presets, and new features also include special In/Out effects with Motion Blur for graphics and titles.ProDAD Vitascene V4 EDIUS Edition (EE) [ Sample video ]

NewBlue Titler Pro 7 for EDIUS X
Titler Pro 7 is the industry standard in titling software for video editors. It allows users to deliver exceptional production value with stunning 3D animated titles and motion graphics — all directly from the EDIUS timeline. This special bundle for EDIUS X also includes the Social Media Template Collection, with animated presets for social media video.NewBlue Titler Pro 7 for EDIUS X [ Sample video ]

Mync, included in EDIUS X, is a powerful media management application which allows you to manage all your video, audio and still image assets in preparation for editing in EDIUS. Mync is smart — when you connect a removable drive or card reader to your system, it will automatically detect supported formats and display them in the clip bin window. In addition, metadata such as comments and ratings can be registered, and it is equipped with a full range of functions such as storyboard video editing, smart search, import history, duplicate file search, encoding, uploading, and HDR preview.MYNCWORLD.COM

Outlook EDIUS 10.x

With the upcoming EDIUS X Version 10.x releases, Grass Valley will continuously update and enhance EDIUS X with new functions and workflow options with every free update during its lifecycle of two to three years.

As EDIUS X is a milestone and the first release of the newest generation, users can expect not only new functions, but also extended and all-new workflow options. Among many other enhancements, the upcoming releases of EDIUS X Version 10.x are expected to feature:

  • Teamwork editing, including the sharing of content and projects
  • Enhanced project parameter change options
  • Enhanced workflow options utilizing the cloud
  • Intelligent handling of metadata for optimized media management
  • Diagnostics and auto-bulk-optimization of audio and video clips
  • Enhanced SDK and REST API for third-party developers, allowing a perfect integration

Support for third-party hardware

We also support high-quality video output using hardware from Blackmagic Design Pty. Ltd. and AJA Video Systems, Inc. For details, please see the FAQ.

Blackmagic Design:
Intensity Pro 4K, DeckLink SDI 4K, DeckLink Studio 4K, DeckLink 4K Extreme 12G, DeckLink Mini Monitor 4K, UltraStudio 4K Mini, DeckLink 8K Pro
Note: Only supports video preview. EDIUS X Pro: up to 4K 30p. EDIUS X Workgroup: up to 4K 60p.

AJA Video Systems:
KONA 5, Io 4K Plus, KONA 4, KONA 3G, KONA LHi, Io 4K, KONA 1
Note: Supports video preview. EDIUS X Pro: up to 4K 30p. EDIUS X Workgroup: up to 4K 60p.
Note: KONA 5 and KONA 1 supports video capture (no Deck control) EDIUS X Pro: up to 4K 30p. EDIUS X Workgroup: up to 4K 60p.

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