EDIUS X version 10.10.7266 released

This small update to EDIUS X version 10.10.7266 fixes a couple of bugs. Details regarding this update can be found in the EDIUS X version 10.10.7266 release notes.

Download EDIUS X version 10.10.7266

Update History

The following issues are fixed or improved in this version:


  • Some processes unexpectedly work inside EDIUS


*No fix provided in this version

Known issues

This build has these known issues:


  • File export fails if it tries to overwrite a file that is being used by EDIUS
  • Frame number of source timecode is always shown as even number in 50p/60p clips
  • There is a security software that detect EDIUS.exe as a malware
  • Encoding in Dolby Digital Professional/Plus changes the volume of audio
  • Clip render fails if the audio bit depth of the project is set to 32 bit
  • The frame of Out point is included illegally when you copy the timeline between In and Out
    points by using [Copy (Between In/Out) – All Tracks] or [Copy (Between In/Out) – Selected


*No known issue

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